Hunting Unlimited 2010

A hunting simulation video game with a wide variety of settings and animals

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.7 (784)

Hunting Unlimited is a hunting simulator that allows players to make use of a wide variety of weapons as they stalk and take down big game. Although many mainstream gamers probably overlook games of this sort, they in fact have a large following, particularly among those who take part in real-world hunting.

Where Would You Like to Shoot Today... and What?

One of the game's strong suits is the impressive variety of content it offers. While many hunting games of this sort are more or less specialized, Hunting Unlimited prides itself on the options it offers to players. Hunts can be conducted in locations as diverse as the deserts of Arizona and the wilds of Alaska, with corresponding selections of game to focus on. Players' arsenals are just as varied, too, with dozens of guns and other weapons being available for making the killing shot.

There's plenty of structure provided, so players don't need to feel aimless. The game offers nearly 200 pre-selected scenarios, dubbed "expeditions," and selecting one of these will lock in an appropriate group of settings. This makes it easy for players to get right down to business and ensures that they won't find themselves facing down grizzly bears armed only with the firearms equivalent of a peashooter.

Surprising Levels of Detail

Although the game's cover art might convey an impression of so-called "shovelware," an impressive amount of work has gone into it. The developers went so far as to provide an extensive virtual library covering the ranges, habitats and other interesting characteristics of the animals that can be hunted. They also did a good job of making those animals seem fairly lifelike in the field, as they are endowed with a variety of animated behaviors, which help to make them interesting.

All in all, the game is a fairly well-constructed package. Because it is the original release in what is now a long series of games, it's safe to say it has been surpassed in a number of ways, and the quality of the graphics on display certainly reflect the game's age. Still, it makes for an entertaining, content-rich diversion for those interested in this sort of software.


  • Great variety of content and settings.
  • Impressive, engaging attention to detail.


  • Dated graphics.
  • Superseded in most respects by its successors.

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